Email Migration

Intend to use our hosting service, but having doubts in retaining your email correspondences?
Changing email service provider will lose your old emails on the ex-provider server? This is not always the case, your emails can actually be migrated from one server to another provided that your ex-provider email server support IMAP protocol. 99% of modern mail server supports IMAP protocol.


Let us assist you with our Email Migration Service. We can assist you to move your emails from your current hosting provider to our hosting server. Email migration process can be complicated if you have huge email data, it requires proper planning with good strategy. Our email migration process is conducted from our highly available and secure data center, thus there is almost zero involvement from the users once we have gathered the necessities.


Q: How long does it takes?

Each migration project contains a unique scenario which will result in differing data transfer speeds.

Q: How much does it costs?

We provide this service free of charge for total email data below 5GB. We charge RM100 for additional 100GB of data.

Q: Will my email get exposed?

We take mailbox data security and privacy very seriously. We may cache the data temporarily to optimize network throughput. Once the mailbox migration is completed, rest assured that your data is removed immediately, if cached.


This service includes:

  • Migrate emails in IMAP server


This service does not include:

  • Does not include updating/migrating settings of your email accounts


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