Simple Websites

For Business

Having a website, even a simple one, is definitely an essential one for your business. You will be having more edge over your competitors if you have a website and they have none. When someone is interested in a product or service, often than not, they will go on the Internet and search for it. If they do find you, they can learn more about your company from the website. Once they are interested, it could convert to a sales.


Imagine if you do not have a website, your prospects are not able to obtain any information about your company, what products and services you are offering, and so you missed out the opportunity to convert this lead to sales.


For Personal

You can also have your own website for personal use e.g. personal profile. You can publish your resume and portfolio via the website to impress employers or customers (for freelancers). You can also have a personal website for blogging, wedding event etc. to update your recent activities.


We at Lofty7 provides Website Hosting for your website needs. Start with LWH-SILVER hosting package and get going!


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